Medical Carts

Are you in need of medical carts to wheel around your hospital? Medical carts come in a wide variety from mobile carts like laptop carts to utility carts and everything in between. Here you’ll also find janitorial cleaning carts and tray delivery carts. Hospital carts are also ideal for use in emergency rooms since they can be quickly moved around a building with ease.

Hospital Carts – Laptop Carts & Utility Carts

Medical carts in this selection are all of healthcare grade, meaning they’re easy to clean and durable enough for daily use. Pediatrics carts include phlebotomy stands, fetal monitor stands and bassinet carts. Hospital carts include battery operated computer carts from Altus that are needed in busy hospitals and emergency rooms. Whatever your needs may be, these products will keep caregivers mobile.

Medical carts in this assortment come from trusted brands like Altus and Lakeside. Be sure to stop by our blog for loads of helpful tips and tricks from our furniture experts! National Business Furniture—Furniture that works. People who care.