Flexible Space Planning for Healthcare

As healthcare services need to temporarily expand into different areas of hospitals or entirely separate facilities, we realize there will be an urgent need for furniture and equipment to fill these flex spaces that will include waiting rooms, triage and patient rooms. We've assembled a collection of the most commonly needed items for temporary healthcare facilities including medical carts, exam room furniture, privacy curtains and biomedical waste containers. We are currently open and shipping orders. Please reach out if there's any way we can help.

What is flexible healthcare furniture?

Flexible spaces in healthcare are filled with furniture that is adaptable, portable and can be compact. This furniture is intended to be versatile and used in many ways depending on the situation. Rolling tables, chairs and carts allow for easy set-up and take down of flexible spaces. Spaces may change and these items can be flexible and transported. Many are lightweight, and movable and are durable for use of any kind.



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