1. We Research & Understand Our Investment in Paper

We work to understand the investment our company has in paper and work to address environmental issues associated with paper procurement. We recognize the importance of maintaining biodiversity and avoid sourcing from rare forest types and areas with high concentrations of rare and endangered species. We seek to work with suppliers who have integrated conservation values and programs into their operations.


2. We Encourage Responsible Use of Forest Resources

We evaluate paper used for marketing pieces, product packaging and internal consumption to identify opportunities for increased recycled content, increased post-consumer recycled content, lower basis weights and other environmental attributes and identify for consumers paper and paperboard products made from fibers manufactured with recycled content with post-consumer material.


We consider the net environmental benefits and detriments of using recycled fiber before purchasing it and understand that recycled fiber manufacture, transportation and de-ink sludge disposal can have significant environmental impact.

We work with our printers to reduce paper waste (reduced overage counts, make-ready waste, etc.) and utilize digital production proofing whenever possible.