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Whether you're planning a new space or retrofitting an existing office, your needs are unique to your workplace.

Here is how NBF can help:



Things to consider when planning your office

  • Ways to retrofit your office

  • Install space

  • Team size and usage

  • Style and color

  • Budgetary needs

  • Timeline constraints


Office Design and Its Effect on the Face of Your Business

Having trouble attracting new talent to your business? Looking for ways to improve how candidates, employees, and guests perceive your company? Whether you're starting a new business or want to improve an already established company, the physical appearance of your office may have a greater effect on the face of your business than you realize.


office interior design infographic

Traditional Branding Is a Thing of the Past

If you spend a ton of time and money updating your branded materials, you may want to consider allocating those dollars elsewhere. A study from IPSOS revealed that only 37% of millennials say a company logo impacts their view of a brand, while 72% of office employees ages 55 and older feel the same. In comparison, 82% of millennials say that a company's website somewhat or strongly influences their opinion versus 53% of employees ages 55 and older. If it's you’re after fresh new talent, your logo and branding may not matter as much as it does to baby boomers.

Attractive Interior Design Matters

If logos and other branded materials are losing importance, what can you do to attract those much-needed millennials? The answer is beautiful interior design that reflects your company culture and the image you want your business to exude. The same IPSOS study showed that 76% of millennials ages 18–34 feel that office design and aesthetics somewhat influence or very strongly influence their impression of a company. Women between the ages of 18 and 34 and adults living on the west coast of the United States appear most likely to be positively influenced by good commercial interior design. The research clearly shows that the younger the individual is, the more likely they are to judge your business based on the physical appearance of your office.

Office Employees of All Ages Wish for Change

Attracting millennials to your business is hugely important. After all, they're the face of the future in American business. But with a large portion of the workforce still comprised of Generation X and baby boomers, can you do anything to appeal to everyone? Although older generations don't find good office design "important," interior design implemented correctly will positively impact candidates, employees, and visitors of all ages.

While Gen X employees don't place as much importance on interior design as millennials, design influences their opinion of a business more than it does baby boomers, indicating a gradual trend wherein the younger the employee, the more the physical appearance of your office will come into play when it comes to their overall impression of your business. In fact, 70% of study respondents who work in an office state that they wish their current workplace would consider a design upgrade, suggesting that although a beautiful office may not make or break their decision to work for a certain company, a well-designed space would be appreciated by most.

Whether your business is targeting new millennial employees or you want to give your guests a positive impression of the business, good commercial interior design is a step in the right direction. Consider an office makeover, and check out these 10 office design trends to you started.


5 Rules for Cubicle Etiquette

It’s the golden rule of life—treat others as you want to be treated. Well, the same goes for your behavior in the office. Whether you work in a cubicle or in an open workspace, follow these 5 basic etiquette rules to treat your coworkers with the respect they expect in a business setting.


1. Avoid Using Products or Eating Foods With Strong Scents

Whether it’s a good smell or a bad smell, strong odors can negatively affect the people around you. Although you may think leftover tuna smells fine, your coworker may feel sick at the slightest whiff of fish. And while that new cologne or lotion may smell like heaven to you, your neighbor may be susceptible to headaches from strong perfumes. Do them a favor and keep smelly foods confined to the breakroom and opt for lotions with little to no scent.

2. Do Not Pop Over Your Cubicle Wall Unannounced

Do you want to scare the living daylights out of your coworker? Because that’s how you scare the living daylights out of your coworker. Waltzing right up to someone who is focused on their work can startle them, and it can totally derail their train of thought. Rather than barging in without warning, take an extra 2 seconds to knock on your coworker’s cubicle wall or a nearby filing cabinet to alert them to your presence. Not only will this prevent you from frightening them, but it will also allow them to turn you down if they’re too busy to talk at that time.

3. Keep Your Workspace Tidy

It’s easy to let paperwork pile up when we’re hard at work, but your messy desk may negatively affect nearby coworkers—especially if you’re in an open concept workspace. Try to keep your desk as tidy as you would if you were expecting visitors into your home at any moment. Coats, sweaters, and purses should be placed in a wardrobe cabinet, while paperwork and files should be neatly tucked away in a filing drawer.

4. Watch the Volume on Your Headphones

Whether you’re listening to podcasts or music, make sure you use headphones and that the volume isn’t so loud all of your neighbors can hear your Justin Bieber obsession. The people around you are trying to concentrate on their work, and that’s tough to do with the constant distraction of top 40 hits.

5. Speak Clearly but Softly

It’s more than OK to collaborate with your neighbors, but take a quick look at the coworkers around you before launching yourself into a deep, loud conversation. If someone nearby is on the phone or is clearly trying to focus on their work, turn your voice down to a whisper or take your conversation elsewhere.


How to Divide Office Space on a Budget

An open concept workspace provides many benefits, from increased employee collaboration to maximized office space. However, a major drawback to the layout is the increased level of audible and visual distraction. Unfortunately, adding cubicles and sound-adsorbing wall tiles to the office can come with a hefty price tag. So how do you divide up an office to create more privacy and less distraction while also staying mindful of your business's budget? Here are some tips to help define your own space.

Modular Office Partitions

One of the most affordable ways to create privacy in your open concept office, waiting area, or breakroom is to add modular office partitions to the space. When we say modular office partitions, we're referring to stand-alone room dividers that can connect to other room dividers to create a temporary wall as small or as large as you need. 

Our At Work room dividers, for example, can be configured in many different positions to create a single freestanding visual barrier or to split up an entire room. Fabric privacy curtains take that concept a step further by offering sound dampening capabilities and the ability to be positioned at any angle you need, not just 180- and 90-degree configurations.

Mobile Room Dividers

Although we design our stationary partitions to be as easy to move as possible, incorporating mobile dividers into your workspace makes switching up the layout of the office even easier. Mobile partitions roll on casters that can be designated for either hard or soft flooring to meet your needs. Most mobile partitions have lockable casters so the boards won't move around when they're positioned where you want them. If you're looking for an additional writing surface, you may consider selecting mobile partitions with a dry erase board surface, also known as mobile whiteboards.

Desktop Privacy Panels

If you're looking for something really affordable, you can add small privacy screens to open concept workstations to provide a little privacy between coworkers. Double-check the product description of the item you're looking at. Some desktop privacy panels are universal, but others are designed for a specific collection. You'll also find sliding cubicle doors that can be added to cube openings for additional privacy.

Check out our complete guide to room dividers and partitions for more inspiration.


Office Cubicles - Customize Your Office Space

Looking for a way to maximize your space and team efficiency? Office cubicle systems and panel system designs offer a variety of ways for you to customize your space that best suit your needs. Looking for ideas on how to make the most of your space? Check out our Complete Guide to Partitions, Cubicles & Room Dividers . National Business Furniture offers a variety of office cubicle solutions that allows for flexibility and efficiency. Cubicles and panel systems allow you to create workstations as large or as small as needed for your space. If you are looking for more freestanding or flexible options, Office Partitions offer you the ability to create a variety of interconnected cubicles, or simply as a divider between desks. Room Dividers can separate a room to create meeting spaces, workstations, or breakroom areas with their mobility and flexible usage. There are plenty of cubicle components, partitions and other parts available to achieve what you need. Not really sure what you need? Talk with our Professional Design Services team for help on how to create the perfect office space.



Cubicle 101: Things to consider when planning your office


Ways to retrofit your office

Cubicles often get a bad reputation, and it isn’t always the most exciting thing to see row after row of cubicles as a current or prospective employee (don’t take our word for it — there have been surveys that say the same). Luckily, there are a lot of options for a workstation retrofit that can help employees be productive while maintaining a strong company culture — and that can make the place where you spend so many hours feel comfortable and fun, not a chore. 

Open office concepts are also popular and can make for a great, productive environment, too. Our benching workstations can give you a totally open or partially open office concept that best suits your needs. We also offer call center desks matching the particular needs of telemarketing environments.

Cubicles don’t mean the end of shared space


Office workstations, cubicles and partitions don’t need to barricade employees from one another. Thoughtful planning can help cubicle workstations actually accentuate shared space. Arrange cubes around tables, snack bars and so on.


Office workstation does not necessarily mean cubicle


Benching solutions can create a more collaborative environment while cutting down on distractions to a degree with a low partition. You can also add room partitions of varying sizes to your existing setup to provide privacy as needed; or even use a whiteboard partition to provide privacy and extra productivity. Certain mobile board models with whiteboards can even be wheeled away!


Privacy, not a fortress


Really, the only thing that is different between a benching workstation and a cubicle is the height and number of walls. Exactly how much height you want on your wall is up to you and your employees. But the impenetrable fortress of a classic cube, like you see on TV, doesn’t have to be the reality for your business — that’s for sure.


Sit or stand (or both)


If your work culture embraces standing desks, keep that in mind with your cube; it may influence how high you want your partitions to be, or how much in-built desk space you want with your cube.

Install space


Open office concepts have their advantages: they save space, they make for a more fun, social environment, and they present a more youthful look for the office. If your employees don’t need to store files or equipment in their personal area, it can be even more appealing. If you have a startup or small business, benching workstations (or even office tables) can be a great solution.


Cubicles offer a number of advantages in terms of storage, privacy and productivity. It can be challenging to maintain an open concept space if employees are on the phone with customers or collaborating on a project (unless you have sufficient conference room or shared office space). It can also be hard to work in such a space if you are working on sensitive materials, as at a law office or health care provider, or if you are in a field like human resources or accounting. Copywriting and design can also benefit from the additional quiet a cubicle provides.


It’s not an either/or choice, though: You can use stand-alone partitions and room dividers to provide more privacy and focus for your employees without committing to the space of cubicles. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, and whatever you choose can be set up to reflect your company culture and values.


If your concerns are not privacy, size or sound, but just protecting employees in the time of COVID-19, we have a selection of sneeze guards and glass partitions available for your business.


Whether you are in New York or Peoria, we have the cubicle and office workstation solutions for you. We can help you make an assessment of your available space and business needs and suggest office workstations, cubicles and more. Just submit your request here at our contact us page.


Team size and usage


Benching workstations can be a strong solution for smaller workspaces without major storage needs. But the added benefit of storage in a cubicle setup, in addition to the privacy and extra work surface, can be essential for businesses like law firms, health care businesses and so on. Examine what you and your team need to do your jobs effectively — just a laptop, or much more? — and select your office workstation solution from there. How often employees are on the phone can be a factor, too: customer service or account managers may thrive better with a sound sensitive workstation solution like a partition or cubicle.


Style and color — Decorate and color your cube


Whatever you choose for your office workstation or cubicle, the good news is, it doesn’t have to be dull! If you want to liven up a set of cubicles, encourage employees to express their personal style or creativity. Anything from saloon doors to team flags to personal photos can go a long way in helping your employees feel secure and at home in the space they spend so many hours in. Fabric walls can facilitate employees decorating to their heart’s content or the installation of business logos and colors. Panels and room dividers can provide color accents. Benching workstations offer a simple, sleek design that allow tables, chairs and exposed brick walls, for example, to pop.


Budgetary needs


Whether you are on a budget or looking to invest significant resources in an office floor redesign, National Business Furniture can help you. You may find a cubicle solution that accommodates multiple people is the most cost-effective solution available for your productivity needs; or that a benching workstation is the way to go. Submit a request to us at our contact us page and we can help you arrive at the right office workstation solution.


Timeline constraints


How lengthy will your audit of your workplace needs be? How much time do you have to install cubicles or office workstations? Room dividers and partitions can be done with ease; benching workstations and cubicles (as well as call center desks) may take more care and thought. Panel systems may be a good median solution. Get help from the experts — contact us and we can help you through your office workstation/cubicle process.