Wire Management for Your Conference Room

Keeping cables at bay is an oft-overlooked part of creating a beautiful conference room or meeting space. While it may be an aesthetic choice, it's also a safety measure. Great cable management keeps workspaces clean and pathways clear so you can stay focused on the big ideas. 

Tech-Ready Designs

When purchasing conference tables and credenzas, look for pieces designed with tech in mind. Grommets are a no-brainer for keeping conference phone cords out of sight, allowing power adapters and connectors to run beneath the table instead of out in the open.

Keep your devices powered thanks to tables with integrated plugs and USB ports. Self-storing, out-of-the-way power modules may be built into the surface of the table or along the sides so laptops, phones, and tablets can stay up and running during marathon meetings and brainstorming sessions.

Safe and Streamlined 

Where there are cables, there are outlets, and sometimes they're not in the most convenient places. Avoid trip hazards and enhance workplace safety by keeping grounded cords out of the way and well-organized. If you're planning a renovation or refresh, consider installing additional outlets in areas beneath conference tables or behind credenzas.

On-the-ground cable covers are necessary for keeping data and power cables in line and are designed to be low-profile to reduce trips and falls. Consider adding baseboard or corner raceways to create smooth, out-of-the-way paths to outlets and data ports. When running cables through the walls isn't an option, keeping wires concealed is the second best choice for workplace safety.

Optional Additions 

As your technology needs change and grow, retrofit existing furniture pieces. Quick and inexpensive fixes, such as stick-on cable clips or Velcro closures, are easy to mount to smooth surfaces and offer semi-permanent solutions. Cable sleeves and spirals, as well as under-table baskets, make for easy ways to consolidate cords into a singular, streamlined run.

Use adhesives or screws to mount power strips beneath tables or behind credenzas for easy, expandable power that can accommodate any number of temporary or constant usage needs. Choose power strips rated as surge protectors to protect against unexpected electrical spikes.

Go Wireless 

There's no shortage of programs and apps that allow your computer to communicate with televisions and presentation screens. Skip the HDMI cable and share your screen during presentations or keep your computer on an out-of-the-way credenza and control the screen with a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Keep televisions mounted on the wall to save on counter space and opt to run cables through the wall instead of down it. Take your screen on the go with a mobile monitor cart, allowing you to roll your television out of sight and out of mind when you're going analog.


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