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June 23 2015

Furniture terminology can be confusing, especially if you have never shopped for office furniture before! With so many pieces to choose from, it’s helpful to know what each product is called. Take a look at Virtual Visit’s “Office Desk Terminology 101” so you can shop confidently for your new office furniture!

Office Desk Terminology 101:

There are multiple types and configurations of office desks, and it is important to know which is best for your space. By knowing the proper definition of each desk type and desk parts, you can be sure that what you’re shopping for is actually what you need for your office.

Executive Desk

An executive desk is single desk that typically consists of a center drawer or keyboard tray and two file pedestals on either side. There are many variations so consult one of our furniture experts to make sure the desk meets your expectations.

Executive Desk


An L-desk is a standard desk with a return. Much like executive desks, L-desks contain a variety of file pedestals, storage cabinets and center drawer/keyboard tray configurations.



Office credenzas are designed to hold a computer and can have a variety of uses. You can use a credenza as a desk or independent storage unit in an office or conference room. Many times, credenzas may be paired with a hutch for extra storage space.



A U-desk is a standard desk and a credenza connected by a bridge. Many bridges are reversible meaning they can be positioned on the right or left hand side. The bridge’s placement is determined by the side it is attached to when you’re seated at the main desk.


Corner Desk

Corner desks typically have an L-shaped configuration and are designed to fit into the corners of your space. The advantage of corner desks is the space-saving design without sacrificing much surface area.


Compact Desk

Compact desks have smaller dimensions and space saving designs to complement smaller office spaces.


Bow-Front Desk

Bow-front desks have a curved front and typically have similar features to an executive desk. Bow-front desks are great places to hold collaborative meetings with the desk’s generous work surface.


Standing Height Desk

Standing height desks allow the user to stand while they work, as the height of the work surface is much higher than your standard desk's height. These desks are designed to improve your health by getting you up and moving throughout your work day. Many are even adjustable, meaning you can change the height at which the table top stands. This is ideal for multiple users of different heights. Watch our standing and adjustable height desks video to learn more about the benefits of standing while you work!


Reception Desk

Reception desks are larger pieces that generally are used in the front of office spaces. Most feature a transaction counter for customer interaction. The transaction counter is typically elevated from the main desk so guests can walk up and remain standing while giving employees privacy.

Reception Desk
Our Virtual Visit furniture experts are ready to demonstrate our featured office desks live on camera! They will give you their exclusive personal opinions and speak to you about the benefits of each office desk. Give Virtual Visit a try today!

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