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July 17 2015

Desk depth: When purchasing an L-desk or a U-desk, it is important to understand the difference between the overall depth and the individual depth of each piece. The product dimensions will list the overall depth, meaning the measurement from the front edge of the main desk to the back edge of the return in the case of an L-desk or to the back of the credenza for a U-desk. The individual depth of each piece may be listed in the product descriptions as well. Watch our all about desk returns video to learn more!

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Kneehole space: Knowing the width of the kneehole space will allow you to determine if your desk chair will fit between the desk pedestals. By knowing the measurement from the ground to the bottom of the center drawer, you can determine if your legs will rest comfortably. The height of the kneehole space also matters when considering if your desk chair’s arms will fit underneath the desktop.

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Height from desktop to hutch cabinets/shelves:If you are considering a hutch for your desk and you use a computer monitor, this height is important to measure. By knowing the height from the desktop to the bottom of the hutch cabinets or shelves, you will ensure that your computer monitor will securely fit underneath the hutch.

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Hutch width: Most of the time, a hutch is designed to fit perfectly on top of a credenza or computer desk. However, people often wonder if a hutch would fit on either side of an L-desk, for example. In these instances, you want to measure the hutch width to ensure it will fit with little or no overhang. Make sure to speak with a sales representative to guarantee the hutch is safely positioned on your desktop.

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Transaction counter height: The distance from the desk top to the bottom of the transaction counter on a reception desk may be important if you want to put a computer monitor in that space. It could also be important if users require more privacy while working on the desktop.

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