Swiftspace: Our Top 5 Favorite Things

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July 9 2015

Swiftspace could be the most innovative office system you’ve never heard of. This modular collection of desks, storage units and office accessories is foldable and mobile, providing you with a complete workspace that can be set up or taken down in as little as 30 seconds. These office solutions are ideal for co-working spaces and for temporary use by new employees in a growing office. Take a look at our top five favorite things about Swiftspace!

They’re fast and easy to set up. The greatest thing about Swiftspace workstations is that they require no professional installation whatsoever. The average individual can set one of these up from completely folded to completely functional in less than two minutes. Not only does this DIY design save a ton of time, but it saves a ton of money too!


They can be transported easily and stored in small spaces. When not in use, Swiftspace workstations can be easily folded up into a flat, compact configuration, which means they won’t take up much space in your storage room. On top of that, these units roll effortlessly on casters that swivel when you’re on the move and can be locked when you want to stay put.


They’re customizable. Swiftspace workstations are available in a huge range of sizes and styles with plenty of accessories for you to choose from. This means that your business can get the exact type of configuration it needs to accommodate your space and employees.


They provide a good balance of privacy and openness. Due to the custom design of these workstations, you can easily add or take off privacy panels of varying heights to create as much closed-off privacy or open concept, collaborative workspace as your employees need. This is especially useful in co-working spaces wherein the desks are being used by an ever-changing rotation of individuals with different working styles.


They’re well-built and durable. You won’t need to worry about replacing your Swiftspace anytime soon. Because these desk systems are designed to work under the constant stress of different users folding them up and taking them down again and again, you can be sure that they are built to last. Aluminum framework is stable and sturdy, while laminate work surfaces are highly resistant to common wear and tear such as scratches and stains.


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