Southern Arizona Endodontics in Tucson, Arizona, is the home to Michael’s slice of workspace heaven, which features calming, contemporary colors and sleek minimalism in a 110-square-foot package. A balance of professionalism and personalization makes this administrative office feel a little more like home.

contemporary office tour

The Perfect Palette 

Soft, neutral shades of beige and Beachwood give this small workspace a light, airy feeling, and the Warm Ash finish on Michael’s At Work l-shaped desk is decidedly modern. While warm colors take over the majority of the office, a cool blue accent wall is a great focal point that ties the whole look together.


Big Design In a Small Space 

Due to the size of Michael’s office, finding small-scale furniture that was still big enough to get the job done was a challenge. The l-shaped desk provides ample room to work on, but it’s still compact enough to keep the space open and provide a roomy walkway. A mesh ergonomic office chair keeps Michael comfortable while giving off a sleek, minimal appearance.

contemporary office tour

Clutter Control 

In this office, clutter containment is a must-have. Storage space has been maximized with the addition of an At Work mobile pedestal, which provides much-needed filing and storage without taking up excessive floor space. Vertical wall space is maximized with 2 wall-mounted shelves for books and décor, keeping the desk clear and usable.

contemporary office tour

A Personal Touch

Gone are the days of the stodgy, uninspiring workplace. Michael works in an office of about 60 people, and bringing a personal touch into this room was a key component of its design. A gallery wall features family photos and personal motivation without taking up any valuable floor space. Two side chairs are cushioned and comfortable, making the office appear more like a home than a place for work. Finally, a few plants bring an organic element to the area.

Because much of the other furniture in the office is more traditional in style, Michael wanted something modern that still integrated with the look of the rest of the building. This furniture and layout have served Southern Arizona Endodontics well. Michael is more than happy with the newly designed workspace, saying, “My office is a million times more spacious and functional now, and I get compliments all the time.”



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