Feb 27 2017
How to Protect Wood Veneer Desks & Tables

| 30 Second Office Tips, Furniture Maintenance, Furniture Materials, How To Instructions, Office Desks, Office Tables

If you plan on using your veneer desk or table for years, you’ll want to know how to keep that beautiful finish looking its best even after daily use. Make a habit out of performing these regular maintenance tasks, and you’ll thank yourself for it in the long run.


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July 26 2016
The Pros and Cons of Standing Meetings

| Conference Rooms, Ergonomics, Office Tables

It’s a matter of life – we sit, and we do quite a lot of it. This is especially true at work. Unfortunately, our sedentary habits come with a cost – negative health effects. In order to spurn any health pitfalls, research has shown us how much we can benefit by merely standing for short periods of time. In fact, the research has shown that balance and moderation of both sitting and standing is the way to go to have both healthy and effective working habits.


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July 11 2016
How to Style a Conference Table

| Conference Rooms, How To Instructions, Office Design, Office Tables

Does your conference table look a bit bland and empty? If so, we’ve got a few tips to help you elevate your boardroom style, whether you’re hosting stockholders or just having a team brainstorming session:


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May 25 2016
Exclusive Media Tables for Teleconferencing

| Conference Rooms, Industry News, Office Design, Office Tables

How often do you find yourself seated at a rectangular table in a conference room, straining to see around the heads and chairs of your coworkers in order to view the same presentation or video conference as everyone else? There is a reason that the White House cabinet room doesn't include a table with 90 degree angles – the best way to give everybody a clear view is to provide a table that is designed in a shape fitted for its specific purpose. In this case, you don't need a rectangular table, you need a table with two sides that angle towards your focal point, allowing each and every attendee to clearly see the presenter or screen.


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Mar 3 2016
Now Trending: Glass Top Desks & Tables

| Now Trending, Office Desks, Office Tables

There’s no denying that modern style furniture gives an office a sleek, sophisticated edge. One trend we’ve been seeing a lot recently is implementing this edgy look by incorporating desks and tables that have glass tops and metal bases. The glass top is clear, creating the illusion of the space looking larger, and metallic bases give off a sleek shine that has the same effect. Here are some of the ways we’ve seen this trend in office furniture lately.


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Feb 16 2016
Our Top 10 Standing Desks & Tables

| Office Desks, Office Tables, Standing Desks

February is commonly the time of year when new year’s resolutions fall by the wayside and we forget all about the goals we wanted to achieve due to our busy work schedules. Don’t let this happen to you! If your resolution is to stay healthy in the office this year, then we’ve got plenty of standing desks and tables to help you out....

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Nov 12 2015
What is the Difference Between Standard, Counter Height and Bar Height Tables?

| 30 Second Office Tips, Office Design, Office Tables, Problem Solutions

In short, the difference between standard, counter height and bar height tables is:

  • Standard Table Height is 28” – 30”H
  • Counter Height is 35” – 39”H
  • Bar Height is 41” – 43”H

  • As you can see, standard table height is the shortest of the three followed by counter height and then bar height. There are a number of pros and cons to all three table sizes, and we know how tough it can be when you’re trying to decide! Here’s a quick snapshot of the differences to help you make the right choice before outfitting your business’s café or breakroom.

    What is Standard Table Height?

    Standard table height is 28” – 30”H. The biggest benefit to standard size tables is that they are the most common, meaning you’ll be able to find them in a much broader range of styles, sizes and price points. These tables accommodate standard size chairs, which are also available in a much wider range of styles for the same reason. Even if your breakroom isn’t entirely outfitted in standard height tables, there should be at least a couple of these options available for disabled employees to use.

    View our selection of standard height tables here.

    How Tall Are Counter Height Tables?

    Counter height is 35” – 39”H. These taller options must be used with stools that have a seat height of 24” – 27” tall. Benefits of counter height tables and stools are that they can give a space the illusion of being less crowded. In addition, these types of tables are much easier for employees to stand at for a more casual dining experience.

    View our selection of counter height tables here.

    What is Bar Height?

    Bar height is 41” – 43”H. Bar height tables are often confused with counter height tables, but bar height options are, in fact, taller. These tables must be used with stools that have a seat height of 28” – 33” tall. This is often the type of table and stool combination you will see at restaurants and bars, hence the namesake. Bar height tables are the most casual of the three options, and they are most often tall and skinny, making them ideal for small breakrooms and cafes.

    View our selection of bar height tables here.

    To learn more about how to use breakroom tables to create a breakroom getaway in your office, reach out to our furniture experts at (800) 558-1010, or request a live demonstration from our virtual showroom.

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Nov 3 2015
Collection Spotlight: NBF Signature Series Specialty Conference Tables

| Collection Spotlights, Conference Rooms, Office Tables

At NBF, we want to ensure that all of our customers find the right furniture that works for them. It’s the main reason why we offer our very own line of office furniture called the NBF Signature Series. In fact, we have a Signature Series line of furniture for every room in the workplace, whether you’re searching for café furniture or for an office suite fitting of a top executive....

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Oct 29 2015
Matching Conference Tables & Chairs

| Conference Rooms, Office Design, Office Tables

One of the most frequently asked questions that NBF customers have is how to find chairs that will match the conference tables they want to buy. Unfortunately, most conference tables don’t have matching conference chairs within their collection; however, there are workarounds that allow you to get a coordinating set....

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Sep 24 2015
Ergonomic Accessories to Help You Stay Comfortable

| Ergonomics, Office Tables

When we discuss ergonomics on the NBF blog, we’re referring to the study of employee efficiency in the workplace. Unsurprisingly, the number one most important factor when it comes to good ergonomics is keeping comfortable while you work....

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Dec 10 2014
The Benefits of Standing Height Tables and Desks

| Office Desks, Office Tables, Standing Desks

Standing and adjustable height desks are a win-win for both employees and employers alike because they offer ergonomic benefits to the user’s health while keeping employees more alert, typically resulting in higher levels of productivity.


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