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June 19 2018

Every year NBF employees scout out the latest trends in office furniture design at NeoCon, the commercial design industry's most important event of the year. This year was no different! From tattoo-inspired designs to smart storage options, these are the biggest trends we took away from this year's show.

neocon 2018 trends

Versatile Furniture Solutions

One of the most prominent trends at NeoCon in 2018 was the presence of furniture that can fulfil multiple functions. This sofa, for example, has back cushions that can be pulled down to act as armrests when the occasion calls for it. Furniture that can wear many hats, so to speak, is ideal for the ever-evolving office.

neocon 2018 trends

Graphic Designs

We saw tons of showrooms utilizing bold colors and graphics in their furniture this year. Most notably, furniture maker KI curated a beautiful tattoo theme throughout its showroom that created a truly urban feel. Our favorite? Steelcase's bird-themed privacy panels!

neocon 2018 trends

Space-Saving Storage

Unique storage options were plentiful. From desk drawers with built-in charging options to pull-out cabinets with filing and office supply space, there was a lot to see in this category. As technology continues to rapidly grow, so must office furniture that supports it. Most of the storage solutions we saw this year featured some degree of technology support or space-saving element.

neocon 2018 trends

Resimmercial Office Designs

Building on trends we've seen in the past, the resimmercial, or blending of residential and commercial elements, trend is still gaining speed. From couches and coffee tables to artwork and throw pillows, you'd think these showrooms were promoting home furniture, not the traditional desks and office chairs commonly seen in the office. The move away from cold and stodgy cubicles toward more homelike designs in the workplace represents the blurring of these spaces.

neocon 2018 trends

Quiet Spaces

Shh! There were plenty of sound dampening office solutions to go around at this year's NeoCon show. From cubicles to seating options and booths to private offices, it's clear that the move to open concept offices has created a need for quiet spaces too.

From the subtle changes to the brand new ideas, we saw tons of inspiring spaces at NeoCon this year. Want to learn more? Check out more furniture trends here.

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