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Feb 5 2018

Good or bad, product reviews are an essential part of the product selection process for National Business Furniture's product experts and of the shopping experience for NBF customers. That's why we encourage all of our customers to leave their honest experiences and opinions in a review after they've had a chance to try out their new furniture.

Why Leave a Product Review?

Your review will help future NBF shoppers make an educated decision about which furniture they'd like to purchase. Average overall product ratings and individual reviews have a massive impact on customer shopping habits, and an even greater one than the product description we write ourselves. If you leave a photo of your new furniture in action, it will have an even greater impact, allowing customers to see what the item looks like in a room when they aren't able to see it in person.

In addition to helping out other shoppers, you'll be helping us make informed product choices as well. Without feedback from our customers, we'd never know which products are meeting or not meeting our high standards for quality furniture at affordable prices. Good or bad, your review will assist us in fixing issues with faulty products, removing certain items from our offering and adding new items to replace outdated ones. These reviews are essential to informing our furniture experts what our customers want.

What's in it for You?

Not only is leaving a product review beneficial for us and for our future customers, but there's something in it for you, too! Leave a review and you'll be automatically entered into our monthly drawing to win $250 in credit toward your next purchase with NBF. Leave a photo of your new furniture with your review and you'll get entered twice! That's a big payoff for a small-time commitment.

How to Leave a Product Review on

To leave a review of your new furniture, click on the 'Write a Review' button on your follow up email or on the product page. Fill out the information on the page, click the 'Submit Review' button and you're good to go! Remember to keep comments related to the product in the 'Comments' box and comments related to shipping and delivery in the 'Service/Delivery Comments' box. Be sure to read our terms and conditions before submission to ensure you know what to expect.

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