If you’re in need of some additional storage, adding a hutch to your workspace can be an ideal solution. As with any new furniture purchase, though, it’s important to know your space and take measurements before you place your order. Here are some measurements that matter when it comes to selecting the right hutch for you and your workspace.


The overall width of the hutch. This measurement is one of the most important as it will indicate whether or not the hutch will fit your desk. Note that this isn’t always as obvious as it seems and may be tricky. For example, some hutches are only designed to fit one particular side of an L-desk – this means that the other side may be too large or awkwardly small for the other side of the desk.


The compartment space. If more storage is your overall goal, you’ll want to ensure that the compartment space available in the hutch will suit your needs. Some hutches are designed to act more as decorative display cabinets, which may not always fit certain office supplies.


The area clearance. This refers to the space directly below the hutch compartment and above the desk – or the space between the bottom of the hutch and the top of the desk surface. You’ll want to consider how much room you’ll need here, especially if you use multiple monitors. Knowing the height and width allowance of this space and how it compares to your needs will help you find the right hutch.


Hutches add beauty and functionality to any office. If you need some help finding the perfect fit, don’t hesitate to contact our live advisors today!


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