Is your office a place of productivity, focus, and success? Or does it feel uncomfortable, cluttered, and a source of stress? Organizing your office with some simple principles from the ancient practice of feng shui might help set you on the path to success.

An ancient Chinese practice, feng shui (fung-shway) literally translates to “wind-water” in English. Feng shui is the act of placing, arranging, and organizing a space to help harmonize positive energy and deflect negative energy. By using some simple tips and practices from the art of feng shui when setting up your workspace, you’ll be able to create a place where you’ll love to work.

Face the Door

If possible, always face the door. Turning your back to the entrance of your office means turning your back on opportunity and success. Sitting in alignment with a door or entrance can be distracting and invites negative energy from outside the office.

Place Your Desk in a Position of Power

Desk placement should be at the farthest corner, opposite the entrance or door. This will put you in a position of power and, therefore, success.

Keep Your Entryway Clean and Clear

Never allow clutter to block your entrance. The first step the outside world makes into your office is its first and most lasting impression of you.

Plan Accessories to Good Advantage

Never face a blank wall. Instead, fill the space with artwork or your favorite pictures of a cherished memory or trip. Add organic elements to your space, such as live plants, to breathe a little life into the area. Green plants bring the energy of new beginnings and wealth.

Organize and Declutter

Keep clutter to a minimum. Organize papers and file items away from sight. A clutter-free space results in a clutter-free mind.



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