How to Hold More Active Meetings

As business owners and employees become more aware of the negative effects of sitting all day on our bodies, we need new ways of staying active on the job. We all know standing desks are a great solution for keeping moving at our desks, but what about those of us who are stuck in meetings all day? Here are some creative solutions for giving everyone in your conference rooms the option to move freely throughout the day.

Choose an Adjustable-Height Conference Table

That’s right, adjustable-height furniture doesn’t only come in desk form! Adjustable-height conference tables come in a wide range of styles and sizes, allowing meeting members to decide when they’d like to sit or stand. Remember to provide stools rather than standard conference chairs in a meeting room with an adjustable-height table. This way, users can still take a seat if they prefer when the table is set to standing height. Remember, it’s all about offering everyone a choice.

Offer Active Seating in Your Conference Rooms

While stools are ideal for the standing conference room, you may also want to offer active seating options such as ball chairs or leaning stools that promote positive fidgeting. Active seating allows meeting members to move freely while they sit, encouraging movement in a setting that would normally prevent it. Beware of what type of conference room these seating options are provided in, as the fidgeting active seating promotes can be potentially distracting. We suggest offering these seating options in more casual offices or meeting spaces. 

Hold Active Meetings Outside the Office

If possible, try holding meetings outside the office from time to time. Even a short walk to a new location will get employees moving, which gets those creative juices flowing. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you can even try holding the meeting while walking. This type of meeting is typically only viable with a small number of participants, and you should make sure that everyone is on board with it before the meeting. Not everyone is physically able to walk for even short distances.



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