Investing in a FireKing® fireproof file ca®inet is a commitment to safety and security and with some files weighing over 1,000 lbs., there are numerous logistical challenges that follow such a purchase. Our comprehensive sales and delivery process ensures that your cabinet will make its way to its desired placement without hassle or hurdle.

By offering tiered delivery services with additional a la carte options, everybody involved in the sale and delivery process may be made aware of potential obstacles while delivering your file. As you communicate with a member of our sales team, we will take down an extensive amount of information in order to provide an optimal solution to fit your space and needs. From there, customers may select the delivery operation most suitable to their needs.

The most basic Tailgate Delivery is dock-to-dock service and is available at no cost to the customer. This is a simple delivery option suited for commercial operations, requiring a forklift capable of maneuvering the cabinet directly off of the truck and into the facility. With no other assistance from the shipping company, FireKing, or National Business Furniture, tailgate delivery leaves the entire installation process up to your team.

More commonly, customers choose our Inside Delivery option, including delivery to the inside of a doorway with no steps, leaving the file in a carton and on its pallet. For commercial operations, customers should ideally have access to a forklift and ensure that they understand the challenges that come along with moving a heavy product in a small package. Consider the physical limitations of your team; despite combined strength, there's a high probability that several people may not be able to confidently manipulate hundreds of pounds of stationary weight.

Regardless of what the cost is, to you, as a customer-- wouldn't you want the piece of mind to know that the delivery is going to get done both correctly and safely? Rather than committing your own resources to managing the delivery and installation process, White Glove Delivery takes care of the stress and strain. This option automatically includes placement of the file, unboxing, removal of debris, 1st floor / elevator access, no more than three steps, and delivery during normal business hours.

The white glove delivery process is designed to be as comprehensive as possible and during the quoting process we'll work with you to obtain a wealth of knowledge about your space, including floor plans, flooring type, whether or not your floor can accommodate the weight, and any necessary protection to facilitate the delivery. In some circumstances, photos will be required to give delivery personnel a more complete idea of how to best navigate your space.

Not all deliveries are created equal and not all circumstances are as cut-and-dry as what White Glove Delivery provides. From there, Additional Delivery Options are available on an a la carte basis for an additional upcharge, including:

  • Stair Carry
  • Residential Delivery
  • Floor Covering
  • Specific Hour or Day
  • Remote Location
  • Certificate of Insurance

At the end of the day, the extra assurance provided by a professional delivery and installation is invaluable. At its most basic, it's a way to eliminate the headache of moving a thousand pound file cabinet; at its most dire, it's less expensive than an injury or lawsuit. Contact our sales team at (877) 414-1603 to begin the sales and shipping process today.


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