Sep 12 2018

A recent study from Kelton Global found that 54% of American office workers believe that having an uncomfortable workspace would cause them displeasure at work. The same study found that 92% of employees believe that an inadequate workstation has a negative effect on his or her mental well-being and productivity, indicating a need for office furniture that is both comfortable and flexible. Consider these office options when designing your employee workstations.


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Dec 18 2017
Chair Ergonomics 101

| Ergonomics

First thing’s first. What is ergonomics? Ergonomics is the study of an individual’s efficiency in his or her working environment. Today, many furniture manufacturers and designers understand that they simply cannot have a one-size-fits-all approach to creating office furniture, especially when it comes to chairs. Because of that, many office chairs include ergonomic adjustments that enable them to be positioned to support a wide range of body types. So what ergonomic adjustments should you look for in your next ergonomic office chair? Read on to find out.


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Sep 26 2017
Collection Spotlight: NBF Signature Series Dauerhaft

| Ergonomics, Office Seating

From call centers to military bases, workplaces that require employee presence 24 hours a day, seven days a week need furniture to meet the high demands of constant, everyday use. The most important of these furniture items? The office chairs. Although there are plenty of 24/7 chairs out there, we wanted only the best for our exclusive line of NBF Signature Series furniture. That's why we designed the Dauerhaft chairs to meet even the most rigorous of heavy duty office seating needs.


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Sep 12 2017
Complete Guide to Active Seating

| Ergonomics, Office Chairs, Problem Solutions, Standing Desks

What is Active Seating? Active seating is a tool that allows you to move around while sitting. While you may have heard that sitting is the new smoking, what you may not know is that extended periods of standing also have their negative health effects. To combat this, we recommend keeping at least one type of active chair or stool at your desk to sit at when you aren’t standing or relaxing at work. Below you'll find some of the most popular types of active seating available.


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May 16 2017
How to Hold More Active Meetings

| Conference Rooms, Ergonomics

As business owners and employees are becoming more aware of the negative effects sitting all day is having on our bodies, new ways of staying active on the job are needed. We all know by know that standing desks are a great solution for keeping moving at our desks, but what about those of us who are stuck in meetings all day, every day? Here are some creative solutions for giving everyone in your conference rooms the option to move freely throughout the day.


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Aug 18 2016
Seating for Employees Who Stand All Day

| Ergonomics, Industry News, Standing Desks

You’ve probably heard that sitting is the new smoking; that employees who sit at their desks all day long are more prone to heart disease and other serious health concerns. But what about employees in professions like retail and banking who face the opposite problem? Earlier this year, the California Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the court would define labor law in a way that now makes it very difficult for companies to deny workers a chair. Although California is the first to put this law into effect, it likely won’t be the last, and when it will take effect in other US states is simply a question of time.


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Aug 1 2016
Standing Height Ergonomics

| Ergonomics, Standing Desks

So, you’ve added a standing desk to your workspace to help ward off the negative health consequences of sitting all day long. You’re now consistently moving and incorporating a balance of sitting and standing. But have you forgotten about ergonomics? While a balance of sitting and standing is the most important, you’ll also want to consider the height of your workstation, the position of your monitors and keyboard and your ergonomic chair adjustments to make sure that your body is fully supported whether you’re taking a stand or sitting for a bit....

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July 26 2016
The Pros and Cons of Standing Meetings

| Conference Rooms, Ergonomics, Office Tables

It’s a matter of life – we sit, and we do quite a lot of it. This is especially true at work. Unfortunately, our sedentary habits come with a cost – negative health effects. In order to spurn any health pitfalls, research has shown us how much we can benefit by merely standing for short periods of time. In fact, the research has shown that balance and moderation of both sitting and standing is the way to go to have both healthy and effective working habits.


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June 21 2016
Now Trending: Active Working

| Ergonomics, Health and Wellness, Industry News, Now Trending

This month, the NBF team headed to Neocon, North America’s most important design exposition, for yet another year of commercial office furniture inspiration and trend watching. Among the many new trends that were spotted was the overarching idea of incorporating more movement in the office environment.


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Sep 24 2015
Ergonomic Accessories to Help You Stay Comfortable

| Ergonomics, Office Tables

When we discuss ergonomics on the NBF blog, we’re referring to the study of employee efficiency in the workplace. Unsurprisingly, the number one most important factor when it comes to good ergonomics is keeping comfortable while you work....

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Sep 3 2015
How to Properly Position Your Computer Monitor

| Ergonomics, How To Instructions

When it comes to implementing good ergonomics in the workplace, most people instantly think of an ergonomic chair, an adjustable height desk or even a footrest. But what about the position of your computer monitor? ...

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Aug 20 2015
Chairs Around the Office: Dean Stier’s Arris Chair

| Employee Picks, Ergonomics, Office Seating

For this month’s installment of Chairs Around the Office, we bring you Dean Stier’s pick. Dean is the VP of Marketing at National Business Furniture, and he chooses to sit in our exclusive Arris chair so that he can enjoy the style he wants and the comfort he needs while he’s hard at work.


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May 5 2015
How to Have Proper Posture at the Office

| Ergonomics, Health and Wellness

While it may be the last thing on our minds throughout the work day, our posture is constantly impacting not only how we work and how we feel, but also how we are perceived. So instead of slumping over your keyboard, it’s time to sit up and take note of these tips for better posture.


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Apr 14 2015
Top Rated Furniture Solutions

| Ergonomics, Health and Wellness, Office Seating

Ever since NBF’s very beginnings in 1975, we’ve sought to listen to customers’ feedback; it’s something that we still value and rely on today. In fact, we’re driven by solving workplace problems and providing practical solutions to customers everywhere. That said, we thought we’d take some time to highlight some of our customers’ favorite furniture solutions....

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