As inventive shapes and intriguing sizes have become more prevalent in the student desking market, the need for traditional classroom desks still remains. Take inspiration from the new and now classroom designs and enhance your everyday desks to improve productivity and increase student engagement in every learning environment.

Classroom with desks on casters and teachers desk at frontYou're on a Roll!

Casters are the easiest way to keep your classroom layout flexible and on the move. Set up your space with traditional rows while making it easy for kids to roll their way into basic pods or other collaborative structures. With locks at the base, it's just as easy to keep your class facing forward in neat lines when there isn't any need for mobility. 

Write On, Wipe Off

Skip the woodgrain laminate look and go with a whiteboard desktop. Specially-coated porcelain finishes are resistant to ghosting, making it easy for kids to practice math problems, take quick notes, or doodle as their day goes by. These easy-to-clean surfaces can also have a metal underlayer, opening up the use of magnets throughout the school day.

The Sky's the Limit

…Or at least the maximum height of your desk is the limit. Small adjustments in height can allow for each student to find the perfect posture for their growing bodies. While some desks feature telescoping legs that adjust to set increments, pneumatic or crank-based options can provide a more tailored adjustment without adding costly power to each individual desk.

Desks in a pod shape with small under desktop storage basketsSchool Day Storage

Going beyond lift-top desks or open cubbies, optional storage can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Simple backpack hooks that don't compromise balance can really take a load off while out-of-the-way baskets or pencil trays can provide a little bit of temporary storage without the inevitable clutter. Optional racking can allow students to attach bins beneath their desks, storing them away in a different location when they're done using their workspace.

Technological Touches

STEM classrooms greatly benefit from the tech-ready features offered by today's makerspace furniture. A few simple power outlets can make it easy for students to charge up laptops, network ports can optimize internet connections, or USB ports can improve access to small electronics or peripherals. Choose the right combination of powerups for your needs and make sure you have cable ramps to eliminate trip and slip hazards whenever possible.