Are you looking for a way to seamlessly incorporate technology into your conference or meeting room? Data ports can help you do just that!


What Data Ports Are

A data port is a technology hub that consists of various outlets and plug-ins for many different devices, such as smart phones, laptops, tablets and more. Data ports are typically wall-mounted or built-in as part of a desk, table or even a chair. There are a few different styles to choose from; some may be covered when not in use, while others have a pop-up design that then can be pushed back into the table when the outlets are not needed. The type of outlets may also vary, with some data ports including outlets for USBs.


How Data Ports Are Helpful

Data ports can be incredibly helpful in a variety of settings, including, but not limited to, boardrooms, meeting rooms and even educational environments, like college libraries and academic halls, where learning with technology is necessary. Cafes and public libraries are two other locations that can benefit by offering their visitors access to data ports. These nifty tools ensure that people can charge and connect to their technological devices, should they be needed.


How to Order a Data Port

At NBF, we offer many tables and seating options that include data ports. A few other tables may include data ports with a custom order and additional upcharge. Want to learn more about this or see if the table you’ve had your eye on can be equipped with a data port? All you need to do is call our furniture experts at 800-558-1010 – they are ready to help!



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