An office fire can be devastating. Fortunately, you can protect your vital documents in the event of a fire or burglary by being proactive and equipping your business with fireproof filing cabinets and safes. NBF Signature Series DuraVault cabinets are specially designed to withstand damage caused by natural disasters and theft in order to keep your sensitive paperwork safe and secure. Keep reading to learn more about how adding these ultra-durable files and safes to your office security plan can make all the difference.


Fireproof Files and Safes

While you may hope to never experience a fire at your business, the future is never certain and disaster can strike when it's least expected. Although most business owners agree that protecting vital documents is an important part of keeping their business running smoothly, not all can afford the steep price associated with fireproof filing cabinets and safes, which deters many from adding these products to their business safety plan. Fortunately, NBF Signature Series furniture is an affordable alternative. DuraVault files and safes meet UL Class 350 one-hour protection for fire resistance, meaning these cabinets can withstand the intense heat of an office fire for up to a full hour—much longer than it typically takes firefighters to arrive on the scene. With these cabinets, you'll have the peace of mind knowing your documents are secure without the headache of worrying how you'll pay for their protection.


Waterproof Filing Cabinets and Safes

Although fire is certainly the primary concern when it comes to protecting physical files, serious damage caused by water should not be overlooked. After all, most office buildings have a sprinkler system in place set to go off at the detection of a burning building. Although this means a safer environment for employees, it won't mean anything good for your paperwork unless it's being kept in a sealed, waterproof file or safe. DuraVault filing cabinets and safes are constructed with moisture-resistant steel walls, 100% gypsum oven-dried insulation and a smooth powder-coat finish to keep water out, adding an extra layer of protection to your document security plan in the event of a disaster.


Theft-Resistant Safes and Files

Remember, these files and safes are for the most sensitive of documents, and that means you'll probably want them to be protected from theft, too. Fortunately, DuraVault vertical and lateral filing cabinets come with a keyed lock and safes come with a combination lock to keep contents safe and sound whether there's a fire or not.


Looking to learn more about protecting your office from a fire? Read our fire safety tips for the office and shop our full selection of fireproof files and safes. Be sure to call our furniture experts at (800) 558-1010 for help selecting the best option for your office.




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