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Jan 14 2016

It’s easy to feel the winter chill this time of year, especially in an office that’s kept at cool temperatures to conserve energy and save the company money. But how can you work productively when you can’t even stay comfortable at your desk? Sure, you can put a sweater on, but that doesn’t always do the trick. Some offices allow space heaters, but these can cause power outages if you aren’t careful. Sitting in a cordless heated chair, on the contrary, is safe for an office environment and will keep your whole body warm all day long, allowing you to focus on work. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at all the benefits that our brand new NBF Signature Series Comfortemp heated chair has to offer.

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Gentherm Technology.

Gentherm is the leading manufacturer of automotive heating components, and the same technology used in heated car seats is used in this office chair. This includes a personalized thermal control that allows you to heat up the seat and back or just the back. In addition to the isolation of heat, the user is also able to control the heat setting by setting levels to low or high, ensuring you’ll never be too hot or too cold.


This chair runs on a rechargeable battery pack, meaning you’ll never need to worry about tripping over cords at your workspace. Batteries run for a full eight hours on a single eight-hour-long charge, and an auto-shutoff occupancy censor turns off the heating element when the chair is not occupied, making it safe and energy efficient.


We don’t call it Comfortemp for nothing! Not only do the heating elements in this chair keep you warm, but they can also help relieve back pain in the lumbar region. In addition, ergonomic adjustments are included so that you can create a custom level of comfort for yourself. Adjustable seat height, arm height, arm width, tilt tension and tilt lock are all included.

The Comfortemp chair is available in your choice of fabric or faux leather upholstery, and both options ship today when you order before 3:00PM CST. Want to learn more about these chairs? Call our furniture experts today at (800) 558-1010.

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