Whether it's a new build, quick refresh, or thorough renovation, make sure your reception space is up to COIVD-19 safety standards with our thorough guides to securing your space.

A Safe Return: Reception Space Return to Work Guide

Reimagining the Workplace: Reception Layouts


Whether it's guests stepping into a waiting area or employees making their way through the main entrance, your reception space sets the tone for the entire office. For staff and visitors alike, great reception furniture makes a great first impression.

The Scope of Your Space

Industry, style, location, size-- it all matters. Your type of reception area is unique to your company. Define your usage to figure out what seating and service capacity you'll need to accommodate guests.

Accessibility for All

The Americans with Disabilities Act provides a comprehensive set of guidelines for designing areas that are accessible for all mobility needs. Make sure your fixtures offer the egress and access requirements for a compliant space.

Support Staff Needs

Make sure your support staff feels well-supported by providing the amenities necessary to do their jobs. Add ample storage to keep reception desks tidy, use cable management solutions for tech, and provide enough space to make sure these workers are comfortable throughout the workday.

Diversify Guest Seating

When choosing a line of guest seating, be considerate of different visitors' needs by combining standard seating with bariatric chairs, multi-seat benches, and oversized options that compliment guests of all sizes and statures.

Materials Matter

Your clientele will define the materials necessary for safe seating. While business environments and smaller offices may be more flexible, healthcare environments require durable synthetics that can handle harsh solvents along with built-in cleanouts to prevent debris buildup.           

Additional Amenities

A balance of aesthetic add-ons and little luxuries can make waiting times fly by. The options are endless. Provide the WiFi password, put out topical coffee table books, or even add a well-stocked and frequently cleaned beverage station for guests to enjoy.


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