Whether it's a new build, quick refresh, or thorough renovation, make sure your breakroom is up to COIVD-19 safety standards with our thorough guides to securing your space.

A Safe Return: Breakroom Return to Work Guide

Reimagining the Workplace: Breakroom Layouts


Building out a breakroom that benefits all employees is no small task. From the size of your organization to the structure of shifts, your breakroom needs naturally define your breakroom style.

What's the Purpose?

How will your employees use the breakroom? Is it a place to catch a quick bite or is it a gathering place for staff to socialize? Choose tables that accommodate single eaters and social gatherings to satisfy everybody's wants and needs.

Height, Space, and Place

Add variety to your lunchroom with an array of different table heights throughout the room. Standing height options are well-suited for the farther reaches of the space while it's often preferable to have standard-height seating in the central area.

Use Soft Seating

Not everybody is headed to the breakroom for a hearty meal. Create section of soft seating with couches or modular shapes to provide a social meeting space with a little added comfort. It's perfect pick for a quick cup of coffee during breaktime.

Mealtime Necessities

While it's optional, providing day-to-day lunchtime supplies is an easy-upkeep workplace benefit. For consumables, a combination single-serving condiments or disposable flatware along with rinse-and-reuse options can suit those who value convenience or environmental impact.

Added Appliances

The appliances you install and the amenities you provide range from absolute necessities, such as a microwave, to added bonuses, like a dishwasher. Make sure there's somebody in the office that's tasked with keeping these items nice and clean after daily use.

Keep it Clean

From regular refrigerator cleanouts to tabletop cleanups, ensue that breakroom spaces are kept clean to prevent the spread of germs as well as unsightly messes. Choose materials that can be wiped down with disinfecting solvents without breaking down under routine use, along with FDA-approved food-safe chemicals.


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