A homelike atmosphere leads to quicker patient healing in a healthcare facility and happier, more comfortable residents in a senior living facility. When you think of healthcare furnishings, your mind may jump to the sterile, unattractive chairs, tables and patient beds of the past. Fortunately, Kwalu takes the practical and safe nature of traditional healthcare furnishings and blends it with high-end, beautiful design that patients, residents and care providers alike can enjoy.


Beautiful Design for Healthcare and Senior Living

Kwalu healthcare solutions include everything from patient room furniture like sleepers and recliners to waiting room furniture like guest chairs and tables. The brand is also a leading provider of senior living furniture. As such, they offer everything needed for this type of facility, including chairs, tables, casegoods and more. Styles come in a broad range so that you can design the exact look you want, from classic charm to modern trendsetter and everything in between. You can even work with NBF and Kwalu to design custom furniture that meets your specific needs. Configure products, options, and finishes for your unique facility or custom design every single item to fit your exact dimensions and resident needs. It's all possible with Kwalu!


Infection Control at Its Finest

In addition to its attractive design, Kwalu healthcare furnishings are also built to prevent the spread of infection. These products do not have surface joints or seams and do not support microbial growth, which are leading causes of Hospital Acquired Infections. Kwalu furniture can even withstand the harshest of cleaning regimens, including bleach. Combining the correct products and protocols ensures effective surface disinfection, reducing the risk of cross-contamination of pathogens for patients. The warm, wood-like framework on chairs and tables are actually constructed of a unique type of polymer to give the warm, comforting look of wood without the porous surface of it, making these options much less prone to the spread of infection.


Durable Furniture You Can Rely On

Not only that is this furniture beautiful and safe, but you won't need to worry about replacing your furniture anytime soon when you go with this product. Easy to clean and maintain, Kwalu senior living and healthcare furniture is beautifully designed and made of durable, high-impact polymer to resist dings, scuffs and even permanent marker year after year. Upholstery is easy-to-clean vinyl that's comfortable but tough, so you won’t be dealing with rips and tears even with heavy use. Your patients, residents and guests will be able to enjoy the warm look of wood, and your staff will be thrilled by the easy maintenance.


Ready to pick Kwalu healthcare and senior living furniture for your facility? Shop our selection of Kwalu healthcare products or call our furniture experts at (800) 558-1010 and we'll be happy to help you get started.


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