Dedicated to design and committed to quality, Biofit designs and manufactures heavy-duty healthcare furniture that won't succumb to wear and tear the way most chairs and stools do. With a wide selection of chair and stool types and upholstery that's built to last, it's no surprise Biofit is a trusted name in the healthcare furniture market.


Stools of Every Sort

From backless doctor stools to polypropylene laboratory stools, there's plenty to choose from when you're searching within Biofit's large selection of healthcare seating. Vacuum-formed upholstery doesn't have any seams, preventing microbes from growing in cracks or crevasses. Not only is the construction of each stool made to prevent the spread of germs, but it's also built tough to prevent everyday wear and tear that you'd experience with the average stool.


Bariatric Task Chairs

24/7 bariatric task chairs from Biofit feature a 500-pound weight capacity for continuous use by multiple users all day long. Ideal for use in labs, nurse's stations and healthcare staff support, this chair is built to handle the knocks, bumps and individual shapes and sizes that come with 24-hour staffing. Vinyl upholstery is easier to sanitize than fabric and won't degrade in less than two years the way polyurethane does.



Rounding out our selection of Biofit healthcare furniture are a couple of footrest options to provide employees proper leg support. Two different sizes are both height adjustable, allowing them to support users no matter how short or tall they may be.


Want to learn more? Shop Biofit here or peruse our complete selection of healthcare furniture. Don't forget, our healthcare furniture experts are available at (800) 558-1010 to answer all of your questions!


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