Logansport Police Department, led by Police Chief Travis Yike, has long been committed to serving and protecting their community. However, operating out of a 100-year-old facility presented numerous challenges, hindering their ability to fulfill their mission of protecting and serving the community effectively. Outdated furniture, cramped spaces and a lack of essential facilities like a proper lobby and conference room impeded their ability to serve the community efficiently.  


Chief Yike recognized the need for a modern, functional workspace that would enhance morale among his officers and invite further community partnership. The new building was a blank canvas of opportunity to create spaces that welcomed citizens and served as a good working environment for Logansport PD to carry out their mission.  


The Vision 

The building company Logansport PD worked with happened to be an NBF client and recommended our services to the police department to bring their vision to life.  


Chief Yike said, “When we moved in here, [I hoped] it would just rekindle that flame of taking pride and being proud of our job in our city. I wanted to see morale go up, and I wanted to see the officers walking around here and having a sense of pride in what they do. I think that makes our job a lot easier.”  



Creating a good working environment for the 39-person team that included quality, durable furniture was a priority. He wanted their station to embody and symbolize the police department as a pillar in the community, while also providing his team with the comfortable workstations they needed to effectively do their jobs. Moreover, he wanted the new space to spark inspiration and pride in his team members, while also being a tangible symbol of the department’s commitment to the community.  


The Plan: Must-Haves  

The NBF team, including Account Executive Alan Jones, worked closely with Yike to meet the police department’s needs for their new workspace. Above all, Logansport PD’s new space needed to serve its officers, staff and the community – all under one roof. Ultimately, NBF helped design 20 offices, 1 lobby/waiting area, 1 breakroom, 1 squad room, 2 conference rooms and 1 locker room.   



Some of the must-haves for this project included: 

  • Welcoming lobby space – Having a dedicated area for the community to come in and feel welcome was essential for Yike.  “I wanted a place where the public could come in and actually feel welcomed. In our old building, we didn’t have a lobby – you just walked in a hallway and picked up the phone. So here we wanted to ensure that when somebody walked in, they're greeted by somebody. And they're given a direction of where they need to go or what they're looking for” he said. Moreover, the lobby was necessary to provide a designated area where the citizens could interact with the department without entering restricted or sensitive zones.  

  • Area to display memorabilia – Yike also wanted a dedicated space in the lobby to display Logansport PD memorabilia. Many of these historic items were stored away due to a lack of space in the previous department offices.  

  • Spacious conference room – In the new building, having a dedicated conference room was an absolute must for Yike. The department had never had the opportunity to have such a space, and it was a major pain point.  

  • Furniture that met varying staff needs – Administrative staff, lobby staff and the records division needed furniture that enabled them to do their job while also looking professional and stately.  


Officers and detectives needed furniture that not only looked good but was durable and     would “withstand the test of time”, as the officers would be using it 24 hours a day. NBF's range of furniture options, including the Statesman and Urban collections, provided the     perfect balance of durability, functionality and aesthetic appeal. 

  • Private spaces for interviews – Officers needed to have private spaces where they could conduct interviews or investigations without disrupting peers or the public.  

  • Aesthetic look that aligned with branding – It was important to Yike that the office looked professional and inviting. The chosen furniture needed to match the building’s overall aesthetic while also being functional.  


The Results 

The transformation of Logansport Police Department's workspace exceeded expectations. The new building boasts a welcoming lobby, modern administrative offices, and well-equipped patrol and detective divisions. Officers now have access to essential facilities like conference rooms and a gym, enhancing both productivity and morale. The feedback from both officers and the community has been overwhelmingly positive, reflecting the success of the project. 



Chief Yike said, “The feedback that we've received has been nothing but positive. We had a ribbon cutting and had a huge [turnout] for that. We’ve done tours from the time we opened to let people come in and showcase our new building...and we’ve had a lot of positive [public] support as well.”  



As far as internal feedback goes, Yike states that it’s been phenomenal to watch “the officers [walking around] and brag[ging] about this building and [their] new work environment.” Of the whole building, a favorite area is the patrol officer’s area, because they now have everything they need to do their job that they didn’t have before – including space, separate offices and storage for equipment.   


Working with NBF 

NBF's partnership with Logansport Police Department was characterized by seamless collaboration and attention to detail. From the initial design phase to the final installation, NBF worked closely with Chief Yike to ensure that every aspect of the project aligned with their vision. Alan exhibited a high level of professionalism and dedication, going above and beyond to meet the department's needs.  


In his own words, Yike reported, “Working with NBF was easy. Alan was great …He made it really easy for us and was hands-on” throughout the whole process. Yike continued on to share his positive experience with NBF customer service and their commitment to being a true partner in designing and furnishing workspaces. “[NBF] didn’t just take our money and then, you know, hope for the best.”  


In reflecting on his experience with designing an efficient workspace for a police department, he advises others to work with a company like NBF that’s willing to get involved and be hands-on. The partnership between Logansport Police Department and NBF exemplifies the power of collaboration in creating functional and inspiring workspaces. 


Through careful planning, attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, the department now has a modern facility that reflects their dedication to serving and protecting the community.

Pro Tip: Say Yes to Expert Support 

We can make the process easier. Receive trusted guidance from our national network of 100+ experts.

Pro Tip: Say Yes to Expert Support 

We can make the process easier. Receive trusted guidance from our national network of 100+ experts.