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Are you looking for a new office desk that will help you get the job done and look great? Our office desks will bring beauty and style to your office. Shop our entire selection and find the right desk for you. If you're still doing your research, make sure to check out our Complete Guide to Office Desks for more information on selecting an office desk.

Office Desk – Traditional, Contemporary & Modern Designs

Desks are the cornerstone of any office and NBF offers many styles, options and brands of desks for you to choose from in order to accomplish your dream home or corporate office setting. Make sure to check out our best sellers to see which desks are popular or see what workstations are affordable for the whole office.

Many Types of Desks and Styles 

Are you shopping for an elegant traditional desk or an option with a modern edge? Mix and match wood with metal or glass to create a hip, trendy office setting. We have all the major styles of desks including:

  • Modern: Modern desks are known for their sleek lines and clean colors. Check out the selection of white desks and other modern style desks.

  • Rustic: Keep things classic with a roll top rustic desk or make your space feel like home with a quality wood desk. 

  • Traditional: Our traditional desks come in many styles and configurations to fit any size office. 

  • Industrial: Give your office some edge with industrial desks that also feature a modern touch.

Most of our office furniture comes as a stand-alone unit as well as part of an office suite. We also offer desks with returns, pedestal desks and standing desks. Our workspace furniture features a wide array of storage options for the compact home, shared office suite, or business setting. Here are some other options that we provide:

Office workstations and desks in this assortment come from top-rated manufacturers like our exclusive NBF Signature Series, Sauder, Houten and Bestar. NBF also offers free expert design services to help with all your office planning needs. Find the computer desk that fits your needs. Read our case studies to see our furniture in action.

Not sure where to start on desks for your office or home office? Try asking yourself these questions.

How important are drawers and storage?

Some workplaces have a lot of information in the cloud, and for these offices stand up desks, compact and small desks, writing desks and modular workstations can be great options. If you are a law office, CPA/accountant, real estate or property management office or other type of business that requires paperwork to be in close proximity, another type of desk with an emphasis on drawers and storage may be better.

How much space do I have for desks?

Functionality, storage and saving space is important. If space in your room is at a premium, think about a corner desk to save space or compact and small desks. If your office is small and workers multitask, multi-functionality can be important, too. Modular workstations allow for flexible and effective sharing of space among multiple people and are designed with space concerns in mind. And if you run your business strictly out of your laptop, small, cable and wire-friendly laptop desks and tables might be all you need!

A desk that fits in an apartment will be different than a desk on a corporate campus. If you have a large space and want to design your office around teams working together effectively, consider L-shaped desks, U-shaped desks or office suites and sets. Another good option for bringing employees together comfortably without sacrificing personal space is one of our benching workstations.

A student, of course, might just want a writing desk or table.

What is the functionality of my room?

Different rooms need different desks! A receptionist greeting multiple people at a time will need a bigger style desk. A design firm will want spacious desks with lots of workspace or perhaps a standing desk. Desks that allow for collaborative work are important for many workspaces as well.

How durable does my office desk need to be?

Working in a home office can be fun … until the dog or cat scratches your office desk, or it has a run with your kid’s tricycle. Ouch! Finding the right material for your desk in this case is especially worth thinking through. If you are in a more traditional office environment, your considerations regarding your desk can be different.

How much work surface do I need on my desk?

How many computer monitors do your employees use on their desks? Do you need space for clients to sign papers? Are you in a warehouse setting that requires packing and unpacking on your desk surface? Keep these considerations in mind when shopping for an office desk and you’ll be able to find the setup you need with ease. You should also think about the nature of your business. Do you want something easy to clean? Auto shops are going to have different needs than a CPA.

What lighting situation do I have in my room?

If you get a lot of natural light, a metal desk might not be the best choice. If your lighting is more controlled, think of what sort of feel you would like for your office in general. Veneer desks and laminate office desks can give your space a more subtle look, and range from very formal to looser styles, as well as urban and rustic looks.

What kind of feel do I want for my office space?

Decor and furniture contribute a lot to the feel of an office, and desks are no exception. The color and material of your desk can lend a modern, traditional or light feel to your office. Executive office desks can lend a strong impression in any style you choose, from clean modern lines to a more classic wood.

What sort of budget do I have for my desk(s)?

National Business Furniture has options for every size budget, from personal office to wholesale and bulk orders. Contact a sales representative if you need help planning your budget or shop around our site to see all of our options for office desks for every style, situation and price point.