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May 1 2015

Finding the right office chair online can be difficult. After all, you’ll want to test the chair out for yourself, feel the upholstery and sit on the seat cushion to make sure it will be comfortable enough to work in. What if we told you that shopping online doesn’t have to be that hard? Check out these tips for finding a comfortable office chair from our Virtual Showroom furniture experts.

Tip #1: Chair Sizes

The first step in finding a comfortable office chair is to make sure it is the proper size for your body type. One size does not fit all, as office chairs come in petite, standard and big and tall varieties. Our Guide to Chair Sizes can help you distinguish between the different types and determine which size is the best for you.

Tip #2: Upholstery

Next, consider what type of upholstery best suits your needs. There are many options to choose from including fabric, vinyl, anti-microbial vinyl, mesh and leather. Top grain leather has a rich appeal while vinyl is an easy to clean alternative. Fabrics are soft to the touch and, when paired with a mesh back, you will get the ideal combination of comfort and breathability.

Find the right upholstery for you

Tip #3: Seat Cushions

Everyone is different when it comes to the seat cushion that will work for them. Some people prefer a softer sit while others want a firm and supportive seat. Molded foam and pillow top overlays give users that soft, plush feel when they sit down. Sinuous springs layered with foam respond to your every moment, allowing you to move freely in your office chair. Memory foam seats adjust to your body temperature and contour to your body so you are constantly feeling supported.

Find the right seat cushion for you

Tip #4: Adjustments

Ergonomic adjustments give users the freedom to customize certain elements of their office chair. Simple adjustments may include chair height, tilt lock or tilt tension control. Office chair ergonomics can get much more sophisticated where specific chair parts can be altered independently. Some examples include adjustable seat angle and depth, adjustable back height and even swiveling arm pads.

Our Virtual Visit furniture experts are ready to demonstrate our featured office chairs and their adjustments live on camera! They will give you their exclusive personal opinions and speak to you about the benefits of each office chair. Give Virtual Visit a try today!

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