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Oct 27 2015

The word “timeless” is certainly a lofty adjective; yet there are things that we always seem to return to, whether it’s in the world of fashion or the world of office furniture. Here are three office styles that we consider to be truly timeless.

The Elegantly Traditional

Traditional furniture can sometimes come off a bit stuffy, but not when it’s done right. A truly classic and traditional look will be warm, welcoming and, most of all, so elegant that you’ll feel the impactful luxury and gorgeous details of it all as soon as you walk through the door. Traditional lines include rounded silhouettes and carefully crafted engravings. Even when you think you have seen it all, there’s always more detail to discover and delight in with a timeless traditional office.

Traditional Study

Image source: The Fuller View.

The Warm Transitional

Mixing elements of both traditional and modern designs, transitional styles are the happy medium of the interior design world. This look is timeless because it not only appeals to so many, but also because it provides so many of the benefits of both styles. Warm colors combined with straight lines create a warm yet no-nonsense look that inspires us all to roll up our sleeves and get down to business.

Traditional Study

Mid-Century Modern

While this style has recently been experiencing a large resurgence in popularity, so many of these furniture designs never go out of style, especially when it comes to an office setting. Mid-century modern focuses heavily on clean lines and organic materials, uniting both in such a way that neither form nor function is lost; instead, form and function thrive, creating some seriously stylish pieces of furniture that pack some serious utility and practicality in any office.

Traditional Study

Image Source: Jacquelyn Clark.

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