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Nov 18 2014

This month, we sat down to talk with Kylie Nimphius, one of NBF’s web merchandising specialists, to talk to her about her brand new office chair. This chair was designed to specifically address the ergonomic needs of petite individuals. As part of the new NBF Signature Series Status Collection, this petite chair will be in our next catalog and available on soon! What makes this chair such a great fit for Kylie? Find out below in our sneak peek!

Petite office chair

Q: What is your favorite thing about your chair?

A: I love the adjustable lumbar support. It is so comfortable, and it fits my back perfectly. It erased previous back issues that I had with my other chair which had no lumbar support whatsoever.

Q: Do you use any ergonomic adjustments? Which ones and why?

A: I’m 5’2 so my feet normally don’t touch the ground like they need to when I use a standard office chair. With this petite chair, I use the seat height adjustment to lower the seat far enough so that my feet rest flat on the ground. I also use the arm height adjustments, lowering them so that they support my arms comfortably, and the adjustable lumbar support.

Q: What do you think about the seat of the chair and the petite design? Are they both comfortable?

A: It’s really difficult to find a good petite chair, but this chair is great and well-designed for petite people. It’s small enough so that I’m not drowning in it, but still surprisingly roomy and comfortable.

Q: What do you think about the look of the chair?

A: I really like the look of the chair overall. I like the tan color – it’s different from the standard black. The detailed stitching offers a nice little pop, and the arms on the chair have a cool shape.

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