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Mastering Nursing Workflow Efficiency: Understand Your Product Options

The push for decentralized nursing - get to know your product options. ...
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Brand Spotlight: Mayline

Mayline was first established in 1939, specializing in drafting tables and blueprint files. The furniture company has since come a long way, expanding its product selection to include everything from conference tables to ergonomic seating for the modern workplace. Mayline is a trusted, established manufacturer with products known for their durability. Here are just a few of our favorite Mayline products.


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How Often Should I Tighten My Chair Screws?

The simple answer to this question is once every six months. ...
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How to Style a Conference Table

Does your conference table look a bit bland and empty? ...
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What is the Difference Between Standard Table Height, Counter Height and Bar Height?

Standard table height is the shortest of the three followed by counter height and then bar height....
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How to Design a Modern Waiting Room

Designing a waiting room in a modern style can be a daunting task no matter how small or large your space may be....
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Office Desks Worth the Splurge

Most people don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for new office furniture, and the cost, no matter what you’re buying, is an understandable concern for any business; however, some things are simply worth the investment....
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Collection Spotlight: Specialty Conference Tables

At NBF, we want to ensure that all of our customers find the right furniture that works for them....
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Matching Conference Tables & Chairs

One of the most frequently asked questions that NBF customers have is how to find chairs that will match the conference tables they want to buy....
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Timeless Office Styles

The word “timeless” is certainly a lofty adjective; yet there are things that we always seem to return to, whether it’s in the world of fashion or the world of office furniture....
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American Made Office Furniture from NBF

If you’re in the market for some new office furniture and you want to support American-made products in every way possible, then this list is for you....
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Data Ports Decoded

Are you looking for a way to seamlessly incorporate technology into your conference or meeting room?...
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10 Things You Never Knew about Kathy Ireland

If you’re from generation X, you probably know Kathy Ireland as a famous supermodel....
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Collection Spotlight: The Esquire Collection

When it comes to crafting and maintaining a great first impression on guests, nothing will make as much of an impact as your reception room....
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How Often Should My Office Hold Fire Drills?

You probably remember participating in annual fire drills as a kid, or maybe your school had them even more often than that. ...
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Top Office Accessories from Kathy Ireland

Previously, kathy Ireland Worldwide has partnered with Martin Furniture to create some truly beautiful and inspiring home office furniture collections....
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NBF Delivery Options

At National Business Furniture, we use different shipping methods based on the type of furniture being delivered ...
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How to Clean Your Desk

When was the last time you cleaned your desk at work? When was the last time said cleaning went beyond moving papers and shuffling documents?...
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Ergonomic Accessories to Help You Stay Comfortable

When we discuss ergonomics on the NBF blog, we’re referring to the study of employee efficiency in the workplace....
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Brand Spotlight - Lesro Industries

Lesro Industries prides itself on having a straightforward approach to business. ...
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How to Make Telecommuting Work for Your Business

Implementing telecommuting in your company can be a great way to boost employee morale and save your business some money;...
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Standing Height Ergonomics

So you’ve added a standing desk to help you ward off many of the negative health consequences of sitting all day long at your desk....
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How to Protect Wood Veneer Desks & Tables

If you plan on using your veneer desk or table for years, you’ll want to know how to keep that beautiful finish looking its best even after daily use....
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Introducing New GSA Collections

At National Business Furniture, we’re committed to providing you with quality furniture that works....
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How to Properly Position Your Computer Monitor

When it comes to implementing good ergonomics in the workplace, most people instantly think of an ergonomic chair, an adjustable height desk or even a footrest....
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Chairs Around the Office: Dan Wilkens's Symphony Guest Chair

In this edition of Chairs around the Office, Dan Wilkens, Account Executive for NBF, tells us why he loves the NBF Signature Series Symphony Collection....
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Our Top School Desks

It’s almost back-to-school time!...
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How to Incorporate Your Branding into Your Office Design

Do you want your office space to feel representative of your company’s identity and mission?...
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Chairs Around the Office: Dean Stier’s Arris Chair

For this month’s installment of Chairs Around the Office, we bring you Dean Stier’s pick....
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Millennials in the Office: How to Adapt to Different Working Methods

Millennials are often said to work differently than the generations before them, and if you need evidence of this, you won’t have to go too far to find it....
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Brand Spotlight: KI

This month’s brand spotlight shines on none other than KI....
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Hospitality Furniture for Company Events

Is your business preparing for an event?...
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All About Desk Returns

If you’re shopping for an L- or U-shaped desk online, then you’ll want to know exactly what type of return you’ll need for your office before you make a purchase....
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The New At Work Collection

The NBF Signature Series At Work Collection is easily one of our most popular collections....
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2014 NBF Supplier of the Year: National Office Furniture

Supplier of the Year is an annual award that we at NBF extend to one of our manufacturers in order to recognize the success that their hard work yields....
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How to Use Accessories to Organize a Desk

Office accessories – they may be small and seemingly insignificant, but they can make a huge impact not only on how your space looks, but also on how well you work. ...
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Fighting Germs in the Office

Although cold and flu season is generally associated with winter weather, it seems like there is always one point every summer that everyone and their brother gets sick....
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How to Create a Welcoming Reception Area

First impressions matter – this is especially true for business reception areas and waiting rooms....
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Measurements That Matter

Desk depth: When purchasing an L-desk or a U-desk, it is important to understand the difference between the overall depth and the individual depth of each piece. ...
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How to Set Up a Productive Training Room

Whether your training room is small or large, the proper layout of furniture can make all the difference when it comes to the productivity of everyone using the space....
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Introducing New NBF Signature Series Collections

At NBF, we're proud to be introducing some brand new NBF Signature Series Collections....
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Swiftspace: Our Top Five Favorite Things

Swiftspace could be the most innovative office system you’ve never heard of....
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Brand Spotlight: MooreCo

Balt and Best-Rite are two of the most recognizable names in the office industry....
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The Benefits of Providing Snacks to Employees

One of the rising trends in office design that we’ve noticed is the addition of more exciting break rooms that include lounge furniture, foosball tables and… free snacks?...
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The Standing Conference Room

Adding a standing desk to your workspace can do wonders for your long-term health, but it doesn’t have to stop there! ...
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Saving Space with Nesting Furniture

Whether you have a small training room that could use all the extra space it can get,...
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What Is The Correct Name of This Desk?

Furniture terminology can be confusing, especially if you have never shopped for office furniture before!...
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2015 NeoCon Trends

Another year, another NeoCon and another chance to get the scoop on the biggest trends in office design!...
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How to Clean Wood Veneer

If you have any type of wood veneer furniture, whether it be a desk or a bookcase, it’s important...
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Office Design for Startups

Starting up your startup may prove to be one of the most difficult ventures you’ll encounter....
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Selecting Seating for Your Healthcare Reception Area
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